Bus Travelling as a mean of transport

Published: 15th February 2011
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Bus travelling is one of the most common and economic means of transportation. Commuting children to and from schools, planning a visit, a vacation or a trip, or reducing road traffic¬¬- in such cases, buses are the most reasonable and environment-friendly alternatives to personal cars. Bus transportation is not just limited to moving within a state, but also serves as a much cheaper alternative to airlines for interstate travelling across a country.

Bus travelling dates back before the 1820s, when horse-driven carriages were the usual modes of transportation. About 10 years later, steam-powered buses were discovered. Trolleybuses were also used in the cities at that time. With the discovery of automobiles, motor-powered buses, which are run all over the world today, came into existence. In modern days, if you wish to travel from one place to another, bus travelling is a very economical option. For instance, bus stations such as Greyhound can be found all over the United States and its buses transport passengers as far as they want to go. There are also many intercity bus services which transport passengers to and from airports and throughout the city. As already mentioned, interstate bus travelling is much more affordable than travelling through a train or an airplane, and also provides frequent traveller discounts to regular bus travellers. The presence of food and entertainment make such trips interesting and pleasant. Intercity bus travelling reduces the expenses behind refueling personal vehicles and parking charges by reducing parking hassles. But most importantly, bus transportations make an important contribution towards lowering pollution and traffic congestion in cities.

Bus travelling also comes with criticisms. Passengers often have to wait really long for their buses to arrive. They usually travel via different routes, making several stops and consuming a lot of time in the process. Interstate bus travelling can be extensive, boring and tiresome. In many cases, especially in long bus travels, travellers may have to take the trouble of changing buses, which often creates a lot of inconvenience and confusion. One of the major issues faced by passengers while travelling by a bus is losing their luggage. Passengers must ensure that every luggage is labeled, and that the driver places their luggage safely in the compartment for it. If there is a need to switch, the next bus should be confirmed at an information terminal during each connection.

Bus travelling is a cheaper, yet convenient option for short and long travels. Even if you have your own personal car, using this way of transportation will not only save your expenses, but also contribute to reducing pollution and traffic. While interstate or intercity travelling with personal cars only allows you to enjoy the view by driving through straight routes, bus travelling will allow you to go through different routes and have more experiences on your journey. So, do you still think that cars, trains and airplanes are the best options for you? Well, if this article was convincing to you, you should at least pay a visit to a different state or city by bus to be a part of an interesting trip.

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