Keeping a good mouth condition – how to avoid paradentosis

Published: 23rd February 2011
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Besides the caries, paradentosis is the most disseminated teeth disease. More than seventy percent of the adult population suffers this unpleasant and usually, extremely painful scourge. The major causes for paradentosis are tartar and soft germs that get stuck on teeth. The presence of tartar means constant hell for your gums, as it inflicts painful inflammations, and with time passing by, paradentosis begins developing. Professionals in dental medicine advise everyone to keep good mouth hygiene in order to prevent paradentosis. To complete this task, you have to start with brushing your teeth at least two times a day – in the morning before breakfast, and in the evening right before going to bed. When cleaning your teeth brush upside down, or toward the sharp side, as the duration of this procedure should not last less then at least five or six minutes.

Depending on the substance exchange of your organism, dental coating might accumulate on your teeth faster. Taking care of this by brushing your teeth every day after each meal, means you are keeping a good mouth condition, and thus preventing paradentosis development. Besides the brushing part, it is advisable that you clean the spaces between your teeth with special thread, which you can purchase from every pharmacy.

If you are over 40 years old, the chance you are about to experience paradentosis is more than 35 percent. The reasons for this might also be of hereditary nature. You have to be extremely careful, if you have any of the following diseases: cardiovascular misbalance, nervous system disorder, diabetes mellitus, gastritis, stomach ulcer, colitis.

Do not hesitate to visit a dentist! A professional would advise you a complex treatment, depending on the current level of the illness and your basic health condition. Do not feel any surprised if the periodontology doctor refers you to a gastroenterologist or a cardiologist, as sometimes a healing course of the chronic diseases is needed, because these illnesses deepen the flow of paradentosis.

Feeling pain while brushing your teeth, or while having a cold or hot drinks, is a sign for a problem. This might occur if you have had gums inflammation without noticing. The bad news is that with it comes the next stage of paradentosis. Your gums will probably swell, gum’s tissue between the teeth will start changing. Healing must start at that phase of the disease, or the process will deepen and tissues and connections that support your teeth might suffer.

In order to prevent and heal your gums, you have to run a full healing course with your dentist. It is advisable that he is a professional periodontologist.

At first, tartar must be separated from the teeth. The best way to do this is by ultrasound. This method is completely painless. In order to lower the sensitivity of your teeth, you should choose toothpaste that contains fluorine and glycerophosphate. Your best option is using two types of toothpaste – whitening and inflammatory.

The word for symptoms of paradentosis in Danish is Symptomer på paradentose and if you would like to get much more helpful information on that subject, you should visit this resourceful Danish website. You can easily translate it with Google Translator in case you don't understand it. If you suffer from bad breath because of paradentosis, please this article for help.

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